An all-star company founded by professionals with a track record of launching & scaling businesses across the globe


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We Offer a Wide
Variety of IT Services

Brick & mortar or born digital, we can set you up in the ‘land of affordable experts’. Nearshoring your Customer Care, Procurement or IT to Balkans just became a lot easier.
IT Staff Leasing
Headhunting, Recruiting and Employing professionals from Balkans is the only way to skyrocket your ROI and Output at the same time. Our pool of 30k+ professionals is at your disposal.
SDR as a service
Business Development is our passion. Over the years, we generated SQLs, kept pipelines full, and helped close game-changing deals in various markets, globally. With our top-shelf SDR services, We want to do the same for you.

Do what you do best,
let us do the rest!

An all-star company founded by professionals with a track record of launching & scaling businesses across the globe. HQ’d in Southeast Europe – the hub of affordable experts, we supply you with brick, mortar, hands & brains, providing a variety of top-shelf services, ranging from outsourcing your sales processes to setting up centers in Western Balkans. Operating in the Service sector, we are a one-stop shop for your nearshoring & oustourcing needs.

Regardless of the business building model you chose to embark on, we assist you through a multidisciplinary portfolio of expertise and professionals from various industries, making sure you have all the support needed.

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Nearshoring & Outsourcing Consulting

Thinking of setting up a branch in Western Balkans? Do you need talent on-demand? It makes perfect sense, and we can help you with every step along your way. As Founders ourselves, we can set you up in Europe's hub of ‘affordable experts’ no matter the industry. However, we take most pride in working with global industry leaders in the field of multilingual Customer Support, establishing ourselves as a go-to nearshoring & BPO partner in Southeast Europe for setting up inbound and outbound Call Centers.

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IT Staff Leasing

With our Recruiting & Employer of Records services, you can scout, recruit and employ IT professionals remotely within days. We allow you to pick from a pool of 30000+ professionals, which we shortlist for you depending on your vacancies, then hire and deploy to your team. With SEEShore, months of headhunting become a thing of the past.

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SDR as a service

We provide you with an external sales team that will set-up a continuous lead generation process, delivering sales meetings with relevant stakeholders interested your solution. We ensure that you’re equipped with the right sales & marketing tools and materials, which we together utilize to improve the rate of closed deals, while reducing the CAC.

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We are Trusted by clients

Emilia Clarke
Adnan Mihmić
CEO, Prostruktion
SEEShore’s SDR Team filled our pipeline with deals worth $500k+ in ARR during the first month of the campaign. More importantly, they set-up a process that sourced enough leads that we had to employ another AE to keep up. Since Business Development in the Construction Industry is different from SaaS an Tech in general, I had my doubts - now I have reccomendations only.
Emilia Clarke
Anis Rendić
COO, GoCloud
We went all in with SEEShore - they did rebranding, website, Social Media Marketing and provided SDR services. We expected that this workload would either require months to be prepared or executed, or that the output itself would be below average.
We ended up signing a long-term agreement one month before our trial should’ve ended, and to this day are impressed with the passion and expertise their teams bring to the table.
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Give us a call or drop by anytime, we endeavour to answer all enquiries within 24 hours on business days. We will be happy to answer your questions.
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